Yesterday’s Victory is Today’s Promise

GeyserOne thing prepares us for the next as we walk out our purpose towards our destiny. The destiny is the attraction; we all want to know and fulfill the thing within us that burns to be expressed from the inside out. There is Kingdom purpose in each of us but our invitation to be a player in His Kingdom is completely dependant on Him being a part of what we do. So often, we want to run off “for God” to do “His work” as we are “used” by Him.

In Judges 15, Samson has the Spirit of God overcome him and he picks up the jawbone of a donkey to defeat a thousand men. After the battle, he is thirsty and asks the Lord for a drink. The request in verse 18 acknowledges that “You have given your servant this great victory” and goes on to question if he (Samson) is to now die of thirst? God then opened up the ground and water came out.

The power of God leading Samson to victory gave Samson confidence in the faithfulness and provision of God. The relationship at that point was conversational in the middle of a need; Samson recognized God’s previous victory’s in his life and relied on memory of those victories as he requested the immediate need. Surely, he prayed, you wouldn’t deliver this great victory and then just leave me to waste away in thirst.

  • What is the point of thirst in your life?
  • What are the victories that God has brought you through?
  • Remember those times of His faithfulness and know that He is faithful now.
  • Take His promises to Him and trust that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

No matter your circumstances, remember the relationship with Him. Talk with Him about how He is proven as faithful in your life. As you listen, wait and watch, value the fact that He is available in relationship over the answer to the need that you are asking to be met.

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