Bold Engagement to Uncover Depth of Knowing

elephant and booksThe best way to discover what you believe and bring depth to what you think is to get out of the classroom and into the laboratory. It’s good to study, consider and develop belief based in reading, reasoning and rationale and it’s altogether better to learn why it matters. Engagement with people and circumstances turns belief into encounter. Encounter brings context and context brings greater understanding.

I know from Scripture that:

  • Jesus is the son of God who came to restore us to the Father.
  • Adoption as sons is available through the blood of Jesus.
  • Through Him, I can be an heir and co-laborer in the Kingdom of God.
  • As a son, I don’t have to strive to provide, protect or promote myself.
  • My Dad takes care of that in His love for me.

Believing in a vacuum isn’t as powerful as knowing through experience. It’s an immature faith until it is faith in action. By ministering in prisons, practicing law, ministering to men and just living with eyes to see and ears to hear, the consistent evidence of God in the role of Father has been absolute. When invited into the brokenness of people’s lives, the question “where is your father?” became so revealing that it affirmed the father’s connection to the Father.

Almost 100% of the time, the broken circumstances of someone’s life were traced back by that single question to a story of tragedy, neglect, abuse or abandonment by the one person that could matter the most. That tangible experience resulted in a wound so deep that the spiritual invitation of a Father was difficult to embrace because the hurt of a father was so deep. The healing of the Father has also been on display as reconciliation through a supernatural healing of the heart made a way beyond the wounding to move into divine destiny.

Get out of your comfort zone and know what you believe through interacting with that belief. Find the Kingdom and the lack thereof in the relationships and community that exists in the context of faith but outside the four walls of a church. It affirms, matures and validates your faith while unveiling the adventure that your faith was intended to lead you into to begin with.

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