The Way is Made, The Outcome is Certain

train stationWalking out our purpose is challenging on its easiest day. We are threatened on all sides by temptation and threat that seek to distract us from the focus of the purpose that God has stirred within us. When God sets us in motion towards destiny, He does not abandon us or send us ahead to get it done “for Him.” He makes a way for us and walks with us if we can resist the urge to run ahead of Him or do it alone.

Jesus has proven His sacrifice for our benefit by paying the ultimate price. He made a way for us to walk restored with the Father in the Kingdom. We can’t do it on our own and need the benefit of His sacrifice eternally as well as temporally. His blood bought us relationship, not a job to do for Him. We were adopted by His blood and rescued from being orphans who need to strive to prove their worth.

As we go about our business, we either walk into the day’s purpose as a son or as an orphan. It can go back and forth, dependant on our remembering who we are. When we forget, we need to be reminded by testimony of the Holy Spirit with our spirit (Romans 8). Some characteristics of sons vs. orphans in the context of purpose can include:

  • Sons value relationship; orphans compete for promotion
  • Sons operate from a heart of honor; orphans operate from org charts
  • Sons submit to authority; orphans rebel where they feel justified in doing so
  • Sons embrace the opportunity; orphans seek a reward
  • Sons answer a calling; orphans work a job
  • Sons have grace for the offenses that come with relationship; orphans retaliate
  • Sons influence from relationship; orphans depend on titles and positions
  • Sons are peacemakers; orphans are score-keepers

I’ve chosen both, depending on the day and sometimes the hour. The anxiety and stress that comes with the striving of an orphan’s mind vs. the peace that is afforded to a son are great indicators to me as to where I am.

I choose this day to be a son. Holy Spirit, please remind me when I forget.

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