Get in the Fight

Battle_of_Gettysburg_2I love freedom. I love when everything changes from the inside out and the things that used to be strongholds are exposed as lies. I love when the chains are broken even on the smallest of bondage and there is a new and real sense of liberty. Those are good things. Those are good times.

Those events that culminate in breakthrough and fresh filling are real and necessary. We need to experience and encounter Jesus with a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit to be the sons and daughters that we are designed to be. We need the mountaintop.

  • Moving from Glory to Glory does not mean giving up the ground that has been gained
  • We have a responsibility to steward the new thing as it develops into maturity
  • We need to set our face like flint with a “yes” to His call in the face of day-to-day challenges and monotony.
  • We were never called to live on the mountaintop, but are equipped on the mountaintop to be effective on the battlefield.
  • We have to walk it out.

We need community. We need relationships that afford us the opportunity to be real about our struggles and, at the same time, call us into a place that resides beyond dwelling on the struggle. Jesus won it for us and in faith we need to hang out in His victory. If we wait until we feel good or our circumstances are perfect, there is no faith and we’ll never get “there.”

Want to experience more of the fullness of His Kingdom and your place in it? Then grow up. Grow up today, in the middle of the problems, doubts, insecurities and fears that tempt you to put off maturity in your faith until another day. Do it right now, before you can see the manifestation of heaven on earth in your circumstances. Then do it again later today, and again tomorrow.

God is looking for mature sons that can be trusted with the family business. He paid for your freedom, not for the sake of hanging out and enjoying more feel good but for the purpose of His glory and His kingdom. You’re invited, but the only way to accept that invitation is to get in the fight and start winning the battle that rages today, right now, all around you. The good news is that He already has. All you have to do is agree with Him.

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