Swimming with the Fishes

Whale Shark off the coast of Western Australia.There is only one way to exceed the limits of your ability and that is to submit to the gift of another person. If you are willing to invest your gift in service to another, you can enjoy not only the benefit of your gifts, but the multiplication of theirs, as well. We all want to be promoted, recognized, appreciated and rewarded. The immediate reward for our instant ability is finite math limited to addition, at best. The kingdom opportunity for reward when we submit in service to others is benefitted by multiplication.

Jesus didn’t have to submit to anyone, but He did. He submitted to the very dishonor that comes from a King stepping off of His throne. He ultimately submitted to the Cross, and in between His incarnation and crucifixion, He lived a life of submission that modeled the structure of the kingdom through a heart of honor.

  • Jesus sat under the teaching of the temple leaders in Luke 2, asking them questions
  • He submitted Himself to his parents as Mary retrieved Him from that place in the temple
  • Jesus acknowledged the authority of Caesar and paid his taxes
  • Jesus lived a life submitted to the authority of the Father
  • Jesus submitted himself to the authorities that crucified Him

In Luke 2, following His choice to submit, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature with God and men. There was, and is, promotion in submission with honor. He obviously was promoted into the fullness of His glory through the cross. Where it made no sense in the natural, the supernatural made a way for Jesus to regain His throne.

Do we really believe this? Do we really believe that we can benefit from submission, especially in those cases where the other person isn’t seemingly as good, gifted or experienced as us? What about when we just flat feel more entitled than our peers and superiors?

If you struggle with this, ask God to show you the mantle or gifts of the other person, instead of focusing on their deficiencies. Maybe, just maybe, He wants to promote you through your submission to enjoy the benefit of that persons mantle, wherever it’s strengths are, to multiply your development beyond where you could have gone without the experience of honor you have been afforded.

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