Remembering the Bad Stuff to Get to the Good Stuff

MicroscopeHas anybody ever made you so mad that you really just had a hard time letting go of the offense? I mean, the thing that they said or did really just ate you up to the point that there was no letting go. No matter how convinced you were to forgive or forget, the emotion of the hurt overrides the desire to restore relationship.

The challenge isn’t so much in trying to see the other person as worthy of forgiveness, it’s in recognizing the state you are in. The challenge is in seeing yourself in some other way than entitled. We have to remember the grace that we have been given to have grace to give away. That means we have to acknowledge how screwed up we are absent of grace. If we get a glimpse of our depravity, it’s a whole lot easier to meet someone where they are to help them out.

When Jesus announced His ministry in Luke 4, He said that He would bring the gospel (good news) to the poor. Poor included anybody lacking anything, not just those that were in poverty. He wanted to make us whole from our poor state, whatever that meant in our unique circumstances.

Jesus ministered to usher in a new Kingdom, choosing to commission us to carry on the ministry He began, on earth as it is in Heaven. That means we are commissioned to carry the good news to the poor. Think of the receipt of our message if we consider ourselves better than them. Think of how they view us when we think we are not or never were poor in some area of our life. The recognition of whatever lack we battle is a critical component to our credibility.

Want to walk in forgiveness and in the power that accompanies the good news of the Kingdom? Remember the state of affairs you are in outside of His grace and provision. Remember the contrast to appreciate the fullness of the benefit and restore your capacity for giving that same benefit away.

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