Busy for What?

beaver damOnce we embrace that we were created with certain abilities as well as passions, we can recognize those traits as part of our identity. That recognition requires that we realize we didn’t create us, but were created. We were created this way by the Creator.

It is our Creator that wants to partner with us as we go about “doing” that which we already “are.” He didn’t put us together as part of an overall production schedule to put us in place as pawns in a cosmic game. He created us to be fulfilled in the things we were designed for while walking those things out with Him. We were created, ultimately and primarily, for relationship.

We can sometimes get caught trying to run ahead and accomplish that which we recognize as God’s idea. After all, since it is now properly accounted for as God’s purpose within us, our actions toward His ends are valid, right? Not really.

To try to run ahead and do something is akin to proving our worth by our performance. Just because God made us a certain way doesn’t mean He needs anything from us as a return on His investment. The opportunity to be included is to our benefit and to His glory. He created us to be His sons/daughters, not orphans needing to prove to Him that we deserve adoption.

The problem is that everything which has to be earned can be lost. Everything that depends on our efforts is fragile. Orphans operate from an insecure, fragile perspective of their identity.

  • Sons (inclusive of males and females) know that they are approved of even when they fail
  • Sons perceive their value based on who and Whose they are, not on what they do or fail to do

Sons know that they will mess up and in the messing up, they will be growing up. In the process of growth they are affirmed and accepted because a Father’s love is constant. Sons operate as heirs with a rightful place in the house of God. That place offers opportunities for fulfillment of purpose, but doesn’t require performance for validation. Rest at home as a son, even when you are working.

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