See It, Say It, Write It, Watch It

penMany people I know use a journal as a tool in their reflection and direction. When we journal and set our mind towards a destiny of purpose, the next thing we often do is counter-intuitive. We wait. We don’t do anything until we know God is initiating the doing. We’re His creation and it’s His kingdom and they are His plans. We’re invited to be a part of it, and He’ll make it clear how and when.

We don’t just wait, we pray. I didn’t say we “just pray” or “at least pray” as that undertaking is often framed.

  • We pray because it’s first, not “just.”
  • We pray because our battle is not against flesh and blood, but principalities and rulers.
  • We pray because the weapons of our warfare not carnal but mighty.
  • We pray because that is the spiritual application of the physical gifts we have.

It’s the hardest thing for a son to mature into. It’s a release into full agreement that God is God. It’s switching over from the visible to the invisible and letting go of the control that eludes us when we grab at it in the physical. It’s enjoying the full benefit of the co-laboring promise. It’s joining Jesus, not trying to do things “for” him.

It’s seek first the kingdom of God . . . and all the rest will be added. This first is always first. It doesn’t go to second once you’ve crossed it off the list. Pray without ceasing. First and without ceasing.

So remember the journal that I mentioned back on January 1st ( we write our gifts, abilities, dreams and passions? It wasn’t for planning in the sense that many often consider it, it was a journal to document the prayer that follows. It’s a way to write what you are talking with God and about and track the ways that He shows Himself faithful. It’s also a good anchor when distractions come. This accomplish two very practical results:

  1. We avoid or decline opportunities that don’t fit our purpose, and
  2. Our faith is built as we document His faithfulness for us to review and know that He has always been faithful in our circumstances, therefore we can step into new areas of faith as we walk out our purpose

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