Take Another Look

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Beyond just considering why we do the things that we do and whether or not they are productive, it’s fair to assess if we’re even right. I know that it is often incomprehensible to consider that we may have some margin for error in our interpretation of things, but let’s just consider the possibility. Within the framework of that thought, we have to allow for the possibility that our quotation of the Bible may not be a completely accurate interpretation of God’s intention. That means quoting the Bible or standing up for the Bible or invoking the Bible in some other way is not an automatic “win” for you.

We are at a cultural crossroads where the relevancy of the American church is challenged by a population that increasingly rejects the faith we exercise. One of the most obvious clashes of belief is in the area of sexuality, particularly homosexuality and same-sex marriages. Christians are screaming louder and louder but the chasm seems be getting wider and wider. Maybe that’s because Christians are screaming the wrong things at the wrong people.

We’re screaming at “them” that what “they” are doing is wrong based in our belief in the Bible. They either don’t believe the Bible or those parts of the Bible we quote. The standoff results in no agreement or relationship. Nobody gets closer to knowing Jesus. Here is the problem: God’s direction regarding marriage and sexuality isn’t for “them” that are unbelievers.

Read Leviticus 19, the most often quoted passage against homosexuality.

  • Who was God talking to? Moses.
  • Who did God say that for Moses to deliver His message to? The people of Israel.
  • There were other people in the world other than the chosen nation through which God was revealing Himself, but He didn’t tell Moses to tell the world. He told Moses to tell the kingdom of God in its present state.
  • He never told Israel to enforce these things outside of Israel. He gave them direction in the context of relationship.

Paul says the same thing in 1 Corinthians 5:12 as he admits that he has no business judging people outside of the church . . . outside of relationship. Outside of the Body, the particular choices of people who are not in a submitted relationship to Jesus don’t matter. Only His blood and what it does for us matters . . . the redemption of our choices follows the sanctification of our spirit through His salvation. We figure out the walking it out as a new creation.  We don’t have to act right to receive the blood and the “old man” will never get it right, anyway.

Could that mean that yelling your interpretation of God’s “rules” at people who don’t believe in the same things you do is outside of God’s direction? Could that mean that it is contrary to His desire for relationship with “them?” Are you even right?

2 thoughts on “Take Another Look

  1. Scott I agree. Constantly reminding myself of this. However, sadly I believe there is a “new Christian culture” out there that considers itself “progressive” and enlighted that proclaims homosexuality is NOT against the same bible & God we love & serve… Ultimately, God loves us; each of us, who are sinners. Regardless of our sin nature (be it gluttony, selfishness, pride, sexual deviations or whatever) God wants us to fill our hearts with Him and share His desires for our life. And so when “Christians” start piping up in public forums voicing their “progressive thoughts” I feel it stirs up a need for Christians to not just be silent but to defend the truth.
    Ultimately, I do share the feeling that the ever so “tolerant” society that embraces “all” actually only tolerates silence from bible believing Christians. It’s a form of bullying when we are told that we MUST tolerate opposing views but our own views are not valid, respected or tolerated.
    It’s a tightrope walk, for sure. Personally, I tend to stay out it all together in public… but what if all Christians take a back seat to the relevant messages being brought up in our society & no one stands up for Christ in public?
    Our family’s goal is to live in a way that points to Christ.
    We can live a life of love, instill our love for Christ in our kids & circle of influence… but I also believe it’s our duty to support our brothers & sisters in Christ that may hold a more public life/circle of influence.
    Sorry for the rambling… It’s been a hot topic as of late 😉

    • Thank you for your response, Jennifer. All too often, our stand for Christ turns into a stand against some kind of behavior that actually alienates people from the love and invitation of Christ.

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