How’s That Working?


It’s important to think about why we are doing the things that we do. It is responsible to ask “where is this heading?” What happens if we wake up one morning and realize that the investment of our talents has not produced the results we desire? This can be important individually as well as corporately.

I believe that is where the American church is currently postured. Is the status quo of how we engage the world advancing the Kingdom of God? Are people around us better off for knowing us? Are people meeting Jesus through our choices and interaction?

At the risk of beating a worn out drum, consider the “Christian” response to the Duck Commander controversy as well as the Chick-fil-A uprising a while back. In the name of Jesus, church-goers rallied to support stances against homosexuality for the sake of “taking a stand” or “standing up for what is right” or “letting ‘them’ know where we stand.” OK, but why?

Why, in the context of your position as a Christian, is that important for Christianity? What does Christ benefit from that stand?

Jesus, first and foremost, desires relationship. He died for relationship. He wants a relationship with you and me and our neighbors and homosexuals and Muslims and whoever else you can imagine. Does the stand against stuff or even in support of people who have said they are against stuff move people any closer to relationship with Jesus?

We may be making these stands to justify our own beliefs more than we actually care about what Jesus cares about. Maybe we’re protecting God’s reputation. I’m certain that He’ll do just fine without our enforcement of Leviticus.

So the question for Christ followers in 2014 should be “how’s that working for you?” Good seed produces good fruit. Jesus fruit is people being served, healed, loved and in relationship. If there is no fruit in the positions, arguments, boycotts or other messages we are transmitting, isn’t it reasonable to consider that Christ may not be in the things that we claim are for Him?

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