Every Day, Every Meal, Every Paycheck


In the military, there used to be a saying (may still be) that you would hear following a greeting which included something along the lines of “how are you doing?” The responder would sometimes offer back, “I couldn’t be better; every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast, every formation is a parade and every paycheck is a fortune.” Wow, that’s pretty good.

Not every day was a holiday, every meal a feast, etc. but they chose to declare their thanksgiving in how they viewed each of the things that were going to be happening as a matter of routine. They chose to view the things through a lens of abundance, joy and just an overall great attitude. From there, I bet their meals were a little better and the formations a little more tolerable.

We were riding down the road the other day and my five-year old son, Haynes, said, “I wish every day was every holiday.” I asked him what he meant and he said, “every day we could have turkey and give presents and all of that kind of stuff every day.”

That’s what Jesus did. He did away with the need for calendars to indicate when we should and shouldn’t celebrate the Kingdom. Thy Kingdom come every day . . . give us this day, our daily bread. On heaven as it is on earth right now; here and now, heaven on earth.

Merry Christmas and happy heaven on earth today, tomorrow and the next day. Happy New Years and Kingdom coming day next week and next month and every day from now on.

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