Staying Focused on Freedom


As we say it out loud, it loses its power. Those things which we wanted to go away from within us seemed so intimidating and permanent in our lives but they run like cowards when brought into the light. We stand in victory amazed at the peace and recognizing the heaviness of the burden by contrast to the new mantle of freedom.

What was the catalyst for this new normal? How do we ensure that we never go back to where we were?

The victory comes through Jesus as it is Him whom the darkness cannot overcome. Confession in relationship with others while inviting Him into the mess we have lived with brings healing and empowerment. The supernatural result of the natural act of confession is freedom, healing and peace.

The natural act of confession is what we can remember through our senses as the enemy of our souls tries to re-take lost ground some time after that battle. So naturally, we’ll want to replicate what worked and find stuff, confess stuff and rebuke stuff again whenever we are feeling the weight and filth of the battlefield. That is fine, until we substitute our natural focus on the bondage and the enemy at the expense of taking our eyes off of the One whom the enemy cannot overcome.

As Jesus stepped into His ministry, He did so with “Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.” (MSG)

If we aren’t careful, we miss the invitation. He’s didn’t say, “Change your life . . . clean up your act.” He invited us from something to Someone. If we choose to step into God’s kingdom, which is here, then our lives will change. A kingdom is evidenced by the presence and rule of a king . . . in this case, the King.

Our ticket out is to enter in. We are not bound by the things we seek freedom from because those things are not present in the kingdom to which we are invited. If we enter in through Jesus, those things are simply not able to come with us, so there should be our focus and not the things that have tormented us this side of there.

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