The Courtesy of Being Direct

elephantRemember the Ricky Bobby movie where Ricky Bobby kept praying to “little, tiny, infant Jesus?” Even though his wife wanted him to pray to grown up Jesus, Ricky stuck with the little baby “version” he wanted to relate to. He continued in the prayer focused on the infant Jesus. Absurd? Of course. Something a little deeper? Maybe.

I wrote a couple of days ago about the need to love and engage people to know the Kingdom in context and see a deeper, more full expression of God among us. It led me to consider how we respond when we actually do see Jesus. What do we do if someone is doing what Jesus said to do and walking in the authority He conferred upon us? What do we do when we experience the love of Jesus, the King of Kings, and not just baby Jesus, so soft and cute?

I’ve served many men’s “retreat” events where we go away to draw close to God. The men that serve on these events know God and understand the commissioning He gives them as men. As a result, there is a culture of honor and authority, where men are not afraid to be transparent and direct, in love. The application of Kingdom authority outside the polite facade of most religious gatherings can really catch people off guard. It is not uncommon for men to be offended at the sight of other men exercising the Kingdom call they have on their lives and ministering in a way that is complimentary in its directness.

Jesus Himself experienced this and his statement regarding the judgment and reaction of people around Him was, “Blessed is he who is not offended by Me.” That statement raises the question, “how do we respond to the love of God when expressed directly and boldly through others?”

The only way to give is to first receive. The only way to receive is to allow the fullness of who God is even when it is challenging to our status quo. God is not a God of comfort, but a Father intent on raising mature sons and daughters to carry out Kingdom purposes. The only way to reach the destiny of your purpose is to know your place as a son or daughter so that the challenge of transformation is allowed to break through the lens of courtesy and do its work.

We have to be intended to include direct and real conversation as part of our interactions of love among us. We have to know who we are in Him in order to avoid offense and move forward in community. We need to seek first the Kingdom at the expense of our personal agendas so that the fullness of life we are intended to experience is our story.

One thought on “The Courtesy of Being Direct

  1. “The only way to give is to first receive” Yes!!
    And receiving puts us in a postition of submission and surrender of control to the giver.
    Inability to purely receive is an orphan attitude (i.e. I must earn this), and a control thing (I get to decide what you give me).

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