Toe to Toe for Victory and Freedom


We all struggle. This deal is rough. In the middle of the practical challenges of everyday life are the wounds and voids of our soul which lead to problematic and addictive behaviors. So adding our own dark, lost stimuli to an already difficult situation can really put us in the ditch.

The consequences of the ditch often lead us to seek out a fix. That fix for many of us is a change to our circumstances. Everything from different jobs, marriages, homes, geography and other circumstantial variance is attempted in an effort to impact the external stressors. Many times, a different church can be a part of that attempt at determining the combination to peace.

The problem is that the changes to our world don’t fill the voids or heal the wounds which we bring with us to these new circumstances. We are still who we are even when we attempt to re-invent ourselves through our labels and situations. The darkness within us remains until it is drowned out by something other than newness around us.

John 1:5 says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Jesus is that light and it is His purpose to flood our darkness with His light. And darkness cannot overcome Him.

When we allow Him access to the darkness of our souls, the stuff that has been festering in there such as hurt, guilt, shame and anger is disarmed. Those things which are buried within us, often far beyond our recognition, lose all of their power in our lives as they are found out and shined upon. That’s what Jesus does; He changes us from the inside out.

What are you struggling with?

  • Alcohol?
  • Eating?
  • Workaholic?
  • Greed?
  • Porn?

Those things are symptoms of underlying issues festering in the darkness within a soul desperately needing the Light of Jesus. Walking an aisle, saying a prayer or getting dunked in a tank often won’t fix all of these root issues we bring with us into our new life.

These strongholds are exposed to the Light through the confession of our mouths . . . to another living person. When we say the stuff out loud, the power of its grip is broken by the light that floods us from the inside out. The healing comes in the disclosure as the lies and whispers which we battle are disengaged when Truth is allowed to stand toe to toe. And darkness cannot overcome Him.

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