The Mix of Relevance


Whether we like it or not, the world is changing as is our nation. We are not the same and the world sees us differently. Our opinion is just an opinion and our will doesn’t necessarily have any weight in the integration of the global community. Certainly, from a perspective of faith and culture, our “Christian nation” status is tenuous, at best. While most would still label themselves “Christian” generally, if we were to drill down to explore where people stand on basic tenants of that faith, the number of true believers fades significantly. The number that actually make decisions and live life in accordance with those tenants is even fewer.

The days of counting on the government, media and even majority opinion to line up with our passions regarding Eternal things are apparently over. We don’t enjoy the predictability of a common faith, however loosely it is applied in various venues. Perhaps the consistency of knowing that these beliefs are no longer deemed valid or even respectable will lead us into a place of greater relevance.

There is a conversation taking place all around us and our voice is becoming increasingly dismissed as “fringe.” Jesus isn’t fringe, but we sure can be at times. The judgmental, hateful applications of our faith to the beliefs of non-believers (think about that for a minute) has put us in a position of irrelevance. Jesus, however, is as relevant as ever.

You see, He is the King of Kings and He sits on His throne no matter what the world around us does in relation to us. He will not be stymied or denied in His plans and purposes. His Kingdom is legitimate and intact, but we all too often are not even seeking to be a part of it in our political, cultural and economic interactions. We may apply church culture or American culture, but seldom do we apply Kingdom culture.

The call to us, as well as to the world, is one that draws us towards a King. The attraction of His manifest presence on earth is rooted in the manifest realities of a Kingdom based in order, authority, submission and honor. It is a Kingdom that works through power and not just words. It is a Kingdom that prevails against darkness. It is a Kingdom that we can participate in now, not just later, by taking the submitted position of honor and deference. The humble and confident position of honor is welcomed back into the mix of relevance and the submitted servant is promoted back to a place of greater stature.

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