Heart Business


It really would be easier on a personal level to keep approaching things the way that we always have. It would certainly be mentally easier to just rest in the same perspectives formed and fostered by a white male majority and count everything and everybody else as wrong. The problem with that approach is that those perspectives are no longer majority nor are they necessarily right then or now. To choose to squeeze tighter to my familiar perspectives likely leads to my views becoming obsolete.

I attended the Global Faith Forum last week and was impacted deeply by the discussion. This was an event which involved Christians, Jews, Muslims and others engaging in serious discussion about understanding each other. Everything from personal theology to global tensions was touched on and the interaction was challenging while encouraging at the same time. There was absolutely no compromise evident from any of the different religious views and, at the same time, there was no evident animosity.

It sure would have been easier not to be there. Being there required me to consider my own bias and beliefs in the context of relationships with differing positions. At the same time, it required me to consider the humanity of others and the fact that within my beliefs, they are loved just as much as I am by a common God even though we view Him differently. According to Jesus, they can’t really know God at all except through Jesus. That’s not comfortable when sitting in the room together and attempting to live out relationship with others who are passionate about God, but not Jesus.

One of my biggest takeaways was that it is not my job to convert people, just to love them. The Holy Spirit draws people in, and the greatest chance that I have for inclusion in what He is doing in someone else’s life is through love and relationship. His call and their response is between the two of them. My reasoning and explaining won’t add one bit to that process, but my humility and honor just might, if He so chooses. This is heart business much more than it is head business.

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