Enough is Enough

Ten Commandments

Why do we so consistly get bent out of shape about external expressions such as statues or people’s endorsement related to matters of our faith? What inside of us is so immature that we depend on agreement of government or laws? Why does President Obama’s inclusion or exclusion of “under God” validate or invalidate our oppportunity to honor his position of authority which God has chosen? The impact of an endorsement or exclusion distracts us from our eternal focus.

Jesus very simply was not intent on changing the tangible expressions of a culture’s beliefs. He was about ushering in an entirely different Kingdom which is born, nurtured and expressed in the hearts of people. The heart was the expression that Jesus was seeking to put on display as evidence of His grace and love, not the statue or speech. He ushered in a viral movement of passion born of intimate encounter with a Saviour and fueled by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Nothing about that is static or redundant.

The Kingdom of the heart is expressed not through monuments and endorsement of elected officials, but of engagement heart to heart with other consumed believers and a hurting world around them. The greatest testament to the soul of our nation is the relationship extended from this Kingdom intentionally engaging the darkness. How many times have you heard testimony of transformation because the president said “under God” or because somebody saw a display of the Ten Commandments at a courthouse or even because of a rote prayer in a public school? By contrast, how many testimonies are born from an encounter with Life through the life of another?

Would these things be nice as evidence of a nation truly under God? Of course they would, but that isn’t our reality and hasn’t been for some time. So what? Do we continue to murmur and accuse or do we revert back to the intimacy of our Source and receive His grace, mercies and love sufficient for us to carry to that wayward nation as ambassadors of a greater King and His Kingdom?

Enough is enough. We have a purpose beyond criticism and the criticism has rendered our voice powerless. Power doesn’t reside in our exception with the temporal, it originates from our agreement with the eternal.

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