Honor Brings Honor


Honor is the missing ingredient if there is any hope for relevance. By relevance, I mean the opportunity to influence the outcome through valid relationships. Without honor, there is little hope to even be invited to the table.

It is imperative that we restore the value of honor in our interactions both within the church as well as in relationships which extend beyond our faith-based communities. We have to implement the eternal value of honor in our temporal choices to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. We have to seek to understand the authority, submission and honor of the Kingdom if we want to walk as ambassadors of that Kingdom.

Honor calls us to the higher ground and postures us to respect those that differ from our beliefs as we see them the way that God created them. Honor removes our expectations of reward and positions us to serve those whom we encounter no matter their position. Honor recognizes God’s hand in the placement of those who are in authority no matter the contradictions of values which are displayed through that authority.

The problem starts within our heart’s view of honor, submission and authority and extends into the family dynamic, church culture and ultimately to how the Kingdom intersects the world:

  1. Men lead in honor; the first move is ours to offer honor
  2. Selfless and sacrificial love that men will offer from this heart of honor will facilitate a natural respect
  3. That puts families in order and creates a model for generations to emulate
  4. Faith based communities built of families with the order of honor will avoid internal offenses as deference is offered and grace is exercised
  5. From this safe place within a community focused eternally, the judgments and political agenda of the church can be put away because the evidence of the presence of the Kingdom trumps those concerns
  6. The healthy expression of family and community within this culture of honor will be attractive to a world seeking peace and order
  7. No compromise to the Truth of Scripture will be necessary in attempts to attract or ambush the world but the dynamic of Kingdom order based in honor will allow for the Holy Spirit to minister to the hearts of people
  8. The temptation or practice of condemnation will be defeated by trusting the Holy Spirit to attract and transform

Honor in our hearts, words and actions will change the world. Honor starts with one. Are you the one?

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