You’re Freaking Me Out, Dude

freaking out

There is no need to be weird about it. You can believe and live it out without freaking everyone around you out. Gandhi said something to do with not having a problem with Jesus (in fact, he was deeply impacted by the teachings of Jesus), but Christians freaked him out.

When I practiced law, I shared the Life of Jesus all the time and, many times, the other person might not initially even realize it. They would benefit and it was evident in their reactions that something registered, but it was normal enough that it didn’t appear to freak people out and get me in trouble with government-appointed clients. The application of Truth and Life should bring depth and relationship, not guilt, condemnation, awkwardness or alienation.

I didn’t have crosses hanging in my office or Scripture pictures on the walls. Nothing wrong with that, I just didn’t. People who don’t share those beliefs are not impacted by those in a positive way and many of the folks that I dealt with didn’t share those beliefs. Yet, despite the lack of advertising or declaration, there were countless opportunities to share Life and those generally had certain characteristic, such as:

  1. I cared about the person I was dealing with and I listened to their story. They would tell me what was going on in their hearts by the choice of their words . . . from the heart, the mouth speaks.
  2. I was polite, but direct. People deserve the courtesy of being direct as tap-dancing and sugar-coating don’t serve them or the relationship well.
  3. If there was an apparent need that was deeper than the circumstances, such as a need to forgive, I would wait for the right time beyond the practical challenges of the legal problem and provide that type of encouragement. Things such as the choice to forgive is their choice; I didn’t own it.
  4. Use of Scripture was done without chapter and verse . . . just the Truth of the Word of God inserted into the circumstances in a nonreligious way. The Word does not return void . . . it resonates in the heart of everyone as Truth when presented simply and without an agenda. The look in their eyes and other responses indicated that they knew it was True.
  5. Other people get to decide if they want to go deeper or not. Some can and will, some can’t and won’t. It’s their deal, not mine, and I’m not cramming stuff down their throats. I never saved, healed, delivered or set anyone free, it’s the Holy Spirit that draws people into those things. I’m just along for the ride and thankful to occasionally get in on what He is doing.
  6. If they reject what I believe, they are not rejecting me and I will not reject them.

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