It’s This Simple


This is it. It’s really this simple. Cut through all of the denominational judgment and arrogance as well as all of the institutional filtering of the raw Truth and it all comes down to this. Touching those that are untouchable, loving those that are unloveable and weeping with those that are weeping. That’s the love of Jesus.

The Pope did the deal that we’re all invited to do. When Jesus hung on the Cross, the veil was torn which separated us from the presence of God and we are all welcomed in to minister to Him as priests. We are all welcomed in to serve Him and commune with him intimately. We’re all invited into the adventure of the Kingdom He initiated at His resurrection.

That Kingdom is of love abandoned and that’s what the Pope was doing in this picture. Don’t think for one minute that the human and divine interaction taking place in this picture is a consequence of position because that would disqualify you from the fullness of your destiny. The veil is torn and access is granted, you are a priest and are invited to operate as such.

Be careful not to believe that the picture or opportunity above is unique, either. There are people who are hurting all around us, even if their disfigurement isn’t as obvious as this man’s. We find them by walking in our identity as sons and priests. They will find us by their spirit recognizing the Holy Spirit within us. We just have to be willing to hold them and weep with them and pray for them when we meet them.

When we all start doing this and stop the political rallies, intellectual arrogance and Pharisitical judgments then the world will know the love of Jesus and welcome Him into the disfigurement of humanity. That’s the Kingdom.

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