Uncommon Response in a Common World

When was the last time you felt extraordinary without being prideful? When was the last time you chose the hard option because it was more than just the right thing to do but because it was the exceptional thing which best expressed your character? When was the last time you even considered such things?

throneThe world is starving for the uncommon response. The world is desperate for the sincere expression of a Royal design played out in humility and grace with love towards others. The world is not impressed with “church” or “Christians” but is eagerly tuned in for glimpses of the majesty of our King. They won’t reject Him when He is on display in us without our religious overlays to manage the message. Not all, but some, will step towards Him when we choose to allow the extraordinary nature of His nature to manifest in our attitudes as well as our actions.

Hearts know when hearts are pure. When we serve, preach, give, love or in some other way attempt to live out the Christian life with a heart that is tainted with any kind of agenda, the observation is focused on our manipulation more than on our offering. When we simply yield to love, flowing through and without ownership of other people’s behaviors, choices, beliefs or Sunday morning attendance, then we have a fighting chance of being real. Real plays well and is easy no matter the outcome.

Royalty is royalty no matter their surroundings. The trappings don’t make it so; the bloodline does. The blood coursing through royal veins fuels royal thoughts which results in royal choices. There is no doubt or need to convince, just rest in the certainty of identity which allows the royalty to be non-threatening and ultimately impressive.

It’s that type of identity driven presence in our homes, offices, train stops and grocery stores that will turn heads. It’s an uncommon response to a common world that will impact the monotony in such a way that hope is more than a word and change is more than a desperate grab for an orphan’s portion. The orphans around us will respond to the royalty of sons as their own birthright becomes clear as realization come through recognition. But that is neither here nor there to the Royal son who is just being a Royal son. That’s all he knows to be.

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