Just Today


Last week was rough. Nothing tragic, just challenging, and the battle which we all fight within ourselves was raging. I was losing the battle of doubt, fear, insecurity and other associated turmoil that comes in the wake of difficult circumstances.  Not losing to the point that I was giving up, but certainly not having any fun in the middle of the perseverance.

Throughout the week, several things happened. Different people, in different ways, reached out to encourage me. Their effort was intentional and timely. It came in several forms:

  1. Words of encouragement while we were interacting on the phone or in person. Just words to assure me that I’m not alone and that there is enough in me to get through this and the next thing.
  2. Texts and messages which were not prompted through interaction, but offered by the other person’s initiative. Just a short note to affirm the positive things that they saw in me.
  3. A somewhat unique endorsement from a person that I only know from a distance. A word of encouragement to me and a promotion of me to others. The timing and source of this endorsement could only be counted as God’s hand moving for my good through another.

Hebrews 3:13 says this, “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”

For as long as today is called today, encourage one another. Speak courage, text courage, impart courage. Give courage through encouragement. Today . . . and every other day that is referred to as “today.” In case anyone got confused by the math, that is every day. Every day encourage one another.

Why? So that nobody around us is hardened by the lies of doubt, fear and insecurity that come like a flood in the wake of circumstances that are challenging. So that the unbelief inherent in those lies doesn’t take root and give fruit as greater miscues of a more destructive nature. So that the community we affirm, preserve and build through our encouragement towards others can also, on some day called today, encourage and affirm us when we need it.

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