Want to Start a Revolution?


Have you ever wanted to be a part of a movement? There is a revolution brewing; change is in the air. An uprising has begun and it won’t be stopped . . . don’t miss it. This is different. This is about hearts.

You see, there are plenty of programs that want to help people, but this is a call to hearts for change. The resulting difference is in the giver as much as it is in the recipient. The dynamic multiplication of grace results in revolutionary momentum.

Amy Ford, co-founder of Embrace Grace, launched her new book (“A Bump in Life”) last night at Gateway. Hundreds were gathered to hear her call to not just action, but heart change. Amy and the rest of the Embrace Grace team started serving women with unexpected pregnancies five years ago. That first semester, there were three expectant women invested in as they walked day by day towards motherhood. This semester, there are over five hundred and this is just the beginning.

  • This isn’t about helping people, it’s about loving them
  • This isn’t about charity, it’s about relationship
  • This isn’t about an agenda, it’s about a culture
  • This isn’t about pro-life, it’s about pro-love
  • This isn’t about them, it’s about us

Embrace Grace reaches out through churches to love women who are alone and scared. The reason that is significant is because it is the church that often times won’t assist them for fear that “it would affirm their sin.” Seriously, somebody said that.

If we aren’t going to love women during a time of difficulty, the world has much more insidious plans for them and these unborn babies. If we aren’t going to lead out in love, how can we expect credibility in our voice for life?

The movement of Grace releases the church to operate in the love towards others that Jesus walked in. It facilitates growth and healing for women within the church as they serve women externally. There are more women, inside and outside of the church, in need of healing from the wounds of abortions in their past than we realize. All too often, there has been no place for them to turn until now.

Embrace Grace is grace for moms. Embrace Grace is grace for babies. Embrace Grace is grace for us.

I practically never point anybody someplace from this blog, but I hope you’ll click on http://www.iembracegrace.com and buy Amy’s book (“Resources” tab) or just give them money. Lots of money. It’s an investment in a revolutionary movement of love and grace that can change the world.

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