Camel Dump


When I would arrive at the building where my office was, there was a particular man who I would often see on the elevator going to whichever floor his office was in within that same building. I would greet him with something like, “good morning, how are you doing?” His response was invariably contingent on which day of the week it was.

If it was Monday, he would declare something gloomy about his outlook which was tied to his recognition that the workweek was just beginning. Wednesday would bring some glimmer of hope as we were at the half-way point towards the freedom and reward of the weekend. Of course, Thursdays and Fridays would prompt increasing celebration in his response.

This is not uncommon and has been captured in recent commercials where a camel makes his way through a maze of cubes in an office celebrating “hump day.” The joy of being half-way towards the weekend. The joy of hope that comes with seeing the end. Whoop-whoop!

What a shame. The American dream has produced an outlook on life dependent on getting to the end of something. Many of us are trapped in a pattern of routine waiting on the pardon of a weekend, leading up to the ultimate “reward” of retirement. The fullness of life is missed in the flipping of the calendar as we yearn for time doing something different.

The kingdom call that is all too often overlooked is the call into passion. We are not meant to be up and down depending on Friday getting here. We are meant to carry the Breath of God in the pursuits of our passions day in and day out. The ups and downs are so much more rich than what day of the week it is. The experience of joy or frustration should be the by-product of kingdoms colliding, not paid time off earned.

I stepped off of the treadmill years ago and the challenges outside of the security and safety of a routine are numerous. The fullness of life which is available in the unknown terrain of answering the call is better than any Friday and there are no camels walking through my work space whooping up the middle since there is no real beginning, middle or end. It’s just one big journey rooted in one big Relationship.

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