Marvelous Mystery

Tension brings opportunity for resolution. The existence of seemingly conflicting positions requires one of two reactions; to either work through the apparent differences or ignore the situation completely. Ignoring doesn’t bring resolution, it is an opportunity missed.

The pursuit of a life grounded in faith is one of tension in many ways. There are numerous examples of Biblical language and ideas that seemingly contradict each other. Language surrounding ideas such as grace v. justice or sovereignty v. free will and others take us to places in our beliefs that are sometimes hard to resolve.

The trap is in thinking that it is some kind of math equation to figure out. The puzzle is internal and is relational. In other words, it leads us to a place of prayer that sounds something like this, “God, I don’t understand, but am open to what you are trying to show me.” Pray that and see what happens.

God is a perfect mystery. In other words, we can’t possibly fully understand Him, yet every time we get a glimpse at His puzzlenature or His Truth, it fits perfectly and adds to our faith. That unveiling is meant to be a lifetime of relationship and experience so four years of seminary won’t resolve these questions.

This morning, I was appreciating the mystery of God. I was spending time quietly and the peace of knowing that I don’t know was one of trust. I have come to trust Him. He is faithful.

There are so many hang-ups in the Christian community that we can mistaken those disagreements, accusations, and thoughts to be a reflection of God. They’re not. The business of religion is not God, but man’s best attempt at understanding and teaching God. God is beyond that effort and residing in a place to be discovered by each seeking heart, one piece of the puzzle at a time.

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