Filtering Intentions

If I asked any random group of people whether or not they desired to be released into the pursuit of their passions, almost every one of them would respond, “yes.” The likelihood is that there would be a unanimous agreement from all asked that they want to do the things that they love to do and are good at.

If I asked that same group of people what they were willing to do to achieve such a lifestyle, some would begin hedging their bets. There would be some fear allowed into the equation as the uncertainty of change began to gain ground on the previously declared desire to pursue passion. If asked the original question again, the unanimous or near unanimous would become a majority.

Then if the majority of that same group which had indicated they wanted to live a life which is full of life were given tasks to step towards that goal, the willingness would drop once again. Once called into action to make actual changes towards those things that a short time ago were so desirable, the same passionate group will likely dwindle to something less than a majority. Actually doing it would become a filter that many would not be willing to attempt to pass through.

eyeThe filter of comfort, predictability and control keeps us from the call of our hearts. We process a risk-reward analysis and are so drawn to the reward of the American dream that the risk of the Kingdom call seems extreme. That’s not to say we are not attracted to the Kingdom call, just not at all costs. The result, then, is an evaluation of the Kingdom being abundant, so we’ll take a part of it. We’ll do some missions work, stand for “Christian values,” vote Republican and serve turkey at the homeless shelter every other Thanksgiving or so. In the meantime, our house, job, cars, vacations and retirement will remain intact.

The promise of destiny rooted in the Kingdom is the desire of every heart. Every heart is created with an itch towards its Royal identity through the Blood of Jesus. The relationship we all desire the most is with the Father who calls us into His family and His business. It’s the purpose of our design. That Father, and His purposes, don’t share their Glory, however. The call is one of exclusivity. It’s all or nothing with no competing idols. We can taste of His goodness when dabbling in His precepts, but to know the fullness of reward requires the actions of our convictions that match the passions of our hearts.

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