How long does it last when they really nail it? What is the hang time for the perfect hour to hour and a half? The preparation is inspired, the teamwork seamless, the parking up close, the children happy, the music inviting and the message motivating. How long does that last with fruit in your life? The rest of the day? The rest of the week?

This might sound like a silly question, but isn’t it valid based on how the majority people approach their faith walk? For that matter, isn’t it valid for the majority of clergy that facilitate “church?”

In large measure, we flow into buildings of worship Sunday mornings to receive our dose of “feeding.” Nothing wrong with expecting great things as we gather. The only potential problem comes if/when that is the totality of our expectation for the experience we have with God.

We wait until Sunday to try to make up for the past week and get ready for the coming week, all in the same hour. The pressure, then, is on the people who run the place we go to nail it. They need to get us to the place we need to be. If not, our experience will be lacking until at least the next Sunday.

ferris wheelWhen we base our journey on the experiences we accumulate on Sunday mornings, we transform our journey into the equivalent of an amusement park. The weather needs to be nice, the staff friendly, the food fresh and the rides safe as well as fun. Then we can keep going to that park for another enjoyable day for at least one more week.

When we walk in faith, the walk is one of adventure, not amusement, and it is a daily relationship which doesn’t require a staff of professionals to make us feel better about it all. The offense of human interaction fades to insignificant compared to the Glory of Divine interaction. The Sunday morning experience is secondary to the fruit of His love manifest in our daily lives. We come together to be together in a common journey, regardless of our individual challenges.

Jesus wasn’t building a steeple full of nice people learning stuff. He unleashed a movement of the Kingdom; to go viral globally. That purpose requires sold out believers, full of the Holy Spirit, united together past the offenses of the human condition and willing to reach out to those that would otherwise be forgotten. That’s Monday through Saturday business every bit as much as it is Sunday business.

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