Agency of Power


I used to be a tank commander, but I’m not anymore. I used to be single, but now I am married. I once was a child, but now I am a man. Things that were aren’t always the same just because of what they used to be. Things change.

It’s reasonable to question if we are what we label ourselves to be. Just because we call ourselves something, it doesn’t mean that’s what we are. This is a good question for those that consider themselves disciples.

Jesus called disciples, which are learners. Disciples are learners that live with a teacher to learn by doing. They experience things, try things, and do things. They become good at something by doing it under the direction and release of one that has gone before them.

Jesus didn’t call disciples to sit them down and test their intellect. He drafted them into service. His #1 criteria wasn’t their brain; it was their heart. He called guys that were hard-working fisherman and passionate men of obedience.

Many people call themselves disciples of Jesus Christ, but they have limited their experience to one of studying Him. They know what He said and did, and they can dig up the nuance of His teachings. They are able to identify the reasoning and explain the rationale, but they are missing a critical component. Maybe they started out a disciple but have become something else?

When Jesus called disciples, He trained them by living life with Him. He trained them to prepare them and release them. He told them they would do greater things . . . and they did.

This isn’t an intellectual exercise. This is the advancement of a Kingdom which is a Kingdom of power. The evidence of someone who is currently learning and following should be the manifestation of the source of that disciple’s focus. It’s heaven on earth through the agency of discipleship.

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