Now; Run

horses running

Ever been going through something and look around and wonder, “why in the world is all this happening to me?” As you were wondering why this difficulty has found its way into your life, ever been tempted to compare your good traits against the bad traits of others who don’t seem to be suffering nearly as much? I have. Jeremiah did.

Jeremiah cried out to question the fairness of his trials and got the following answer from God, in Jeremiah 12:5, “If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses? And if in a safe land you are so trusting, what will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?”

Two a few things which are inherent in God’s answer that are applicable for us today:

  1. The hard things are preparing you for something – God points out that the race with men is a preparation for running with the horses. That’s what He said . . . we are designed to run with the horses. Ever feel like you’ve been cooped up in the stable and not able to get out? Ever feel that there is greatness inside of you that was meant to be your purpose? Ask God what you need to do to get ready. DISCLAIMER: get ready for stuff to come your way that won’t be easy but will release you into greater things.
  2. This is a marathon, not a sprint – We can’t grow weary in the preparation any more than we can when the bullets are flying, so to speak. It’s a matter of life and death . . . for us and those that He entrusts to us. Keep going.
  3. The trials we face strengthen our faith and trust in God – It’s easy to trust God with a full belly and full bank account. How “in” are you with Him when things get tough? Do you really believe that He is your protector and provider Who always has a place for you? There is only one way to know and it’s not from a position of comfort.
  4. You are built for battle – That’s why you are bent towards competition with a desire to win. It wasn’t for fantasy football, it was for a battle much greater. It was to joining Him in the advancement of His kingdom. If you’re missing the fight, and the accompanying satisfaction of destiny, ask God to equip you and show you the part of the battlefield suited for you are meant for. Then get in the fight.

Want to run with horses? Of course you do . . . that’s the design. Now; run.

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