Explosion of Benefit

Sometimes up is down and down is up. The value of relationship is dynamic and not linear as most of us tend to view it. We often position ourselves compared to others and others compared to others, even if that comparison is subconscious.

Social status, perceived wealth, professions, education and other tangible qualifiers can create a sense of a pecking order in relationships to some degree. I recently interacted with a friend that threw the org chart out the window and allowed for an explosion of benefit.cosmic-explosion

This friend of mine is struggling. He’s been through some tough times and is in a tough spot. He doesn’t have much that others would covet and many would judge him harshly if they knew his story. I know him, though, beyond his troubles. He is none of the things most would assume of a person in his situation, but instead a man trying to get it right just like the rest of us.

I reached out to him to try to help him and as we were talking he started to affirm me. More than a casual compliment or obligatory “thank you,” he really spoke life into me. He called out things in me that he saw and I needed to see. He affirmed me in callings that were still mired in insecurity and spoke Truth where there had been doubt. He literally released me to passionately pursue the purposes that were bursting to come out.

While most anyone would have judged my friend to be the benefactor at the outset of my attempts to help him, the benefit was not nearly that simple. I was so encouraged by the charge of this man who saw things in me that I am writing about it today. More than that, though, was what seemed to be going on in him.

As he progressed through the increasingly powerful blessing he was speaking over me, I felt his tone changing and strength growing. He was seeing a glimpse of Truth beyond what had been his fog of confusion and he was benefiting from what was flowing through him. He was obviously encouraged by encouraging and hopeful from his impartation of destiny. He was benefitting and I wasn’t doing anything other than sitting there and taking a benefit myself.

Don’t count the other guy out. Give him a place to serve, a place to encourage and a place to help even before it seems like he is “ready” to invest in others. We’re all jacked up; some are just obviously more so than others. Nobody’s ever good enough to claim status . . . besides that, what does status matter, anyway?

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