Walking in the Dark


I went to the Thursday night place the other night. I spend time most Thursday evenings at a local addiction recovery/half-way house where people can land. There are addicts, convicts and other folks from the community that need a place to land. We meet for about an hour and talk. Usually it’s a pretty good experience for me, and they seem to feel the same way.

This particular night, however, I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t really want to be there and the tone of the environment was heavy. I struggled to know what to even do. Slowly, however, we eased our way into the time starting with a prayer to invite the King into this humble place.

One of the guys started to talk of some of his stuff and we started to look at some stuff Jesus did in the book of Matthew. The power of the Word, an eternal source of Truth, exceeds even the most monotonous meetings. The Word captivated the room and the conversation was engaging. The men responded to Truth, as did I.

Momentum picked up and we ended up in a life-giving, dynamic flow of exchange where the Spirit of the Lord was present. The same room which had been dead a short time ago was now alive to the power and presence of a Living God who lives among His guys in times like this. All present voiced their encouragement to go forward and to live another day.

I’m a pretty charismatic believer and love it when God shows up with a powerful, anointed and Supernatural expression. I love to feel the presence of God. Sometimes, however, in the absence of feeling we walk forward anyway. The feeling is fun but His presence is certain. Stepping into the call of whatever it is that is the task at hand no matter the emotional validation leads us into the places that bring us out of darkness.

The Light is there, even when we can’t see it. So walk towards the places where you know Him to dwell, among the broke and the broken, and allow His Word and Truth to guide you as well as them towards the relief of the sweetness of His manifestation.

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