Stop It

So much of the time, we don’t realize what we have and fail to enjoy it. Our focus outwards on what we believe to be our deficiencies leads us to a place of negative thinking and wishing and hoping. The intention for our mindset and approach is far from that desperate cry for scraps from the table. We’re invited to sit down and eat.

eclipse photoI hear people pray things like “God, forgive me for . . . ” and I want to say (and sometimes do), “He has!” That contrite approach isn’t wrong in and of itself, but when do we get beyond our accuser to come into agreement with our Savior? Our Savior, once we have received Salvation, says that His blood covers all of that stuff that we do and did, so why do we think that He is waiting on further apology from us?

The call isn’t one into contrition, it’s one into repentance. There is a big difference. Hanging out in an inventory of our failures leaves us focused on our perceived separation from God. He told us that we wouldn’t be left as orphans, but that the Counselor would be here with us. He told us that we are seated with Him in heavenly places. So how does us acting like we’re alone and distant because we lied, cheated, cussed, or whatever agree with Him? It’s bad theology in the cloak of false humility.

“It is finished,” declared Jesus. He did it. He defeated the defeat in our lives and we don’t have to add to His sacrifice with our wailing. We just have to agree with Him and dine at the table He has prepared. Our junk doesn’t disqualify us; His Blood isn’t that fragile.

When we recognize the stuff in our lives that is contrary to His best for us, we simply have to change our mind. He called us to repent . . . to change our mind. To turn from that to Him. To step into our Kingdom purpose and identity, leaving that stuff behind. Changing your mind to agree with Him in your identity and purpose is a far cry from being defeated in prayer as we moan and groan focused on our failures. Admit it, turn away from it and enjoy the fullness of the alternative.

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