Model of Consistency

The question at hand was, in a nutshell, how do we connect and stay connected? What is the framework of communication in this new relationship? We see that you have it figured out and are dialed in and we want to be there, so how do we do that?

The men that Jesus had called to walk out His ministry while He was on earth ushering in the new Kingdom were watching the intimacy He walked in with God, His Father, and wanted some. They asked Him in Luke 11:1, “Lord, teach us to pray . . . ”

He outlines a simple address for connection to the Father:

  1. Our Father in Heaven – this is the new relationship; sons to a Father. For many, there is a hang-up right there. If we have had a negative father experience, it’s hard to want another one. Our father on earth is either a bridge or a hurdle to the Father but the destination to Him is the intention for each of us.
  2. Holy is Your name – everything about You is right and Holy; it is the nature of Who You are. The I Am, God of Peace, God of Provision, God of Healing, God of the Heavenly Armies, All-Sufficient, God my Banner, God my Savior, Comforter. He’s all of those . . . and more. Calling Him who He is for us invites Him to be that in us.
  3. Your Kingdom come, You will be done – we don’t know anything and are depending on Your ways. We give up. I’ve messed the deal up and welcome Your majesty. Your ways are better than mine.
  4. On earth as it is in Heaven – agreement to welcome His Heavenly Kingdom to the earth. The old way didn’t work so we welcome this new Kingdom, Heaven on earth, to be our new paradigm. We want to experience the fullness of salvation here and now and say “yes” to you doing with in our lives.
  5. Give us our daily bread – enough for right now; provision without lack and faith to know tomorrow’s is assured. I trust your provision and am not bound by the curse of striving. I’m not going to worry about the stuff that has been distracting me but instead and am going to walk in the Freedom and Peace of a son, knowing that my Dad has my needs taken care of.
  6. Forgive us as we forgive others – there is a flow through of forgiveness; we receive and give away. Loving God and loving others is dependent on forgiveness. Bitterness hinders that reality.
  7. Don’t lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil – we have an enemy, and it’s not God. He is our protector; we don’t have to hedge our bet and fortify our position to try to ensure that we don’t ever get hurt.

I pray this to open my communications most mornings. It’s not a formula, but a model to remind me of how He said it works.

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