It’s so easy to get distracted by flaws. I can take a good thing and get bogged down by ideas of how to make it better. That robs my joy in the moment as I strategize the vision and put in motion the tactics towards these ideas of perfection.

Yesterday morning I walked outside with a cup of coffee and was just thankful for the day. I was simply thankful for the place that God has brought us and for His faithfulness to finish what He has started. I was a little amazed that He has afforded us the chance to steward an expression of His church. Nothing about it has been comfortable or predictable.

There, in the cool of the morning, I sensed God reminding me of the depth of the blessing. He impressed me with these words, “I love my church . . . I love my bride.”

It’s easy to forget that He feels that way. We get so distracted by what we think it ought to look like and comparisons between this expression and that one. The application of business ideas leads us towards process improvement and maximization of resources. Of course, there’s always the question of growth as a measure to determine how it is going.

God’s reminder was simple. He loves her just as she is. He loves her today; right now. No improvement is necessary from His perspective to make her OK with Him. He’s good with her.

I’ll continue to try to be better as a steward over that which He has entrusted to me.  It’s important for me and for all of us to remember, however, that He loves without conditions and that it is His to build as He sees fit. In that remembrance, we can just be part of that which He already loves.

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Process improvement and maximization of resources is not always reflected in strength of numbers relative to growth. Expansion can also be expressed as the praxis of Sonship. Speed and potential, or amplitude and frequency.

  2. This so like me. Part of my gifting is to be a problem solver, so I look for problems when there is no need to do so. I’ve been learning that it is OK for some things to be the way they are without my input. It has been hard but I’ve made great progress in giving up my “big brother to the world” attitude.

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