We want what we want and we wish for what we wish for. We beg and plead even when we do so in mature, socially acceptable ways that don’t seem as desperate as we feel on the inside. If only we could get “x,” then “y” will be fine. If God will just rescue us from this discomfort, then we can get on with doing the good stuff for Him. I mean, come on, will You answer my prayers the way that I want them, already?

The problem with our prayers, more often than not, is that they are self focused and not God focused. He reminded me recently that the things that He calls me into are a pleasure for me and that he is for me. He loves me and that will always be true, but the fact is that His love for me doesn’t motivate Him to answer my prayers. He isn’t moved by my begging.

God answers prayers that are from hearts in line with heaven. He answers prayers that fulfill the purposes that he has planned for His Kingdom, into which we are invited to participate. He answers prayers for His glory. It’s all about His glory.

We get to be a part of the advancement of His kingdom. We are invited to be a part, but it’s never about us. It’s always about Him.

The greatest way to start batting a thousand on prayers vs. prayers answered is to yield our prayers to only those things that glorify God and agree with Him on the things that He has breathed into. We can run around doing religious stuff that we claim to be “for God,” but if He hasn’t breathed into it, it may or may not be for His glory. It may be for our glory or a pastors glory or maybe a church’s glory or something else. Unless it’s for His glory, the hope we have in prayer is limited to wishing.

The good news is that He loves us and we are invited to display His glory. We can get in on it, so to speak. We’re invited. On the other side of our “yes” to His invitations is us being transformed in increasing measure into His image. That’s His glory in us. Win-win.

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