We’re all in the same boat. Same floating on the same water with the same storms raging all around us. Sure, the perspective, severity and details of our challenges differ but the basic truth of our condition is familiar to each of us. We all start out in the boat.

The question is whether or not we’ll have the guts to call out to get out? Will we be satisfied with shifting to a better seat or passive enough to hope that the conditions change by luck, prayer or whatever? Who among us dares to ask to walk on the water? Who among us really wants out of the constraints of the common condition enough to call out to the One that can change things?

Peter called out and then he walked on water. He walks on water. That’s a big deal.

Most of us would say, “yeah, but then he sank.” That’s a fact, but that’s not the full expression of the Truth. The fullness of Truth is that he walked on water so why do we get so distracted by the end result which appeared to be a failure?

Was it a failure, really? Jesus tells him that he is one of “little faith” after he sinks. We almost always interpret that as a negative evaluation of the level of Peter’s faith, but he walked on water! By faith!

The context of Jesus comments regarding Peter’s faith are, “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” in Matthew 14:31. So immediately following the recognition of Peter’s faith following a miraculous display of faith, Jesus affirms his faith as evident. He is telling Peter, in effect, “you have faith . . . so why did you not trust what you have,” not “you don’t have enough faith because you doubted.”

Jesus was telling Peter that he has what it takes. He’s equipped for the Supernatural and ready to walk out the incredible destiny that awaits him. Don’t doubt it, Peter, because the King of Kings says so and He’ll prove His affirmation by building His church on the revelation you receive regarding His Divinity (Matthew 16:18).

We’re all in the same boat. Peter had a little faith, and it was enough to get out of the boat and experience the incredible. Sure, he sank, but he walked on water! Why do we hang out in the boat so much? We’re so happy if we get to be captain of our little ship or our ship is nicer than the other guys but a boat is a boat. The action is out there on the water. Why doubt?

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