Yes or No

The time to declare is upon us with the landscape of consequences for our declaration shifting drastically. The comfort of acceptance for views that line up with beliefs is likely coming to an end as the new normal takes root. There is absolutely no shift in Truth, just a relative slide in the interpretation and application of right and wrong.

The declaration of Jesus has come with practically no discomfort in America. It appears that is changing. As a nation, the laws have continually reflected values that don’t align with the heart of God. This reflection indicates a national heart disconnected from any desire to meet God where He is.

“All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond that comes from the evil one.” – Matthew 5:37

Your ‘yes’ will likely be challenged, as will your ‘no,’ so if it’s not rooted in the conviction of relationship, the frailty of its declaration will become apparent under scrutiny. The price of ridicule, marginalization and possibly worse will test the resolve of the declaration. The attractiveness of an entertaining presentation of a watered down gospel will win over those seeking the best of both worlds.

An attempt at dual residency within both worlds, however, will not stand the test of fire. The temporary comfort and acceptance will yield no eternal benefit nor will it produce any True fruit of wisdom, favor or legitimacy temporally. It’s a fool’s errand.

This isn’t a call to arms where we need to isolate and gird up for a battle as we know it. The battle is won; the war is over. It’s finished because He said so. We’ll either rest in His finished work or try to win “for Him” of our own accord. Another fool’s errand.

Just make up your mind, that’s all. You’re either in or out. In is in relationship, out is trying to be good and going to a place on Sundays to declare membership in a club. The relationship is all that will provide the protection, provision and place needed in the face of adversity.


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