The Day After

Yesterday was the Fourth of July . . . a day in the United States set aside to remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A day of celebration of freedom, where we not only enjoy the celebration but also intentionally value the benefit. In 1776, a nation stood up and said, “we won’t be in your bondage any longer, we are free!”

Yesterday was a day celebrating freedom. What about today?

As individuals, what do we do with the day after the declaration? What do we do when freedom has been claimed? Is that very freedom valued and nurtured to ensure that it is healthy and growing?

When Jesus died, his guys turned right back to fishing. They went back to the thing they knew before they knew Him. They didn’t see the immediate outcome they thought they would have seen, so they were left with only the thing they already knew prior to their three years with Jesus.

Jesus returned and taught them on the Kingdom and directed them to wait on the power of the Holy Spirit, after which they were to carry the Good News of the Kingdom around the world. A movement had begun, but only after the guys put away their fishing gear and stepped into their calling.

In our relationship with Jesus and filling with the Holy Spirit, we know freedom (“Now the Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”- 2 Cor 3:17). What are we going to do with that freedom? Go back to what we know?

We are free to live out the desires and passions of our design. We are free to get engaged in the same call and mission of the original disciples with the same power. We are free to live in purpose beyond ourselves and enjoy the benefits of a life that is lived beyond the confines of our abilities. Or, we can return to fishing and miss the adventure.

An intersection with Jesus is an intersection of New Creation. From the New, why go back to the old? From the freedom, why return to the bondage? What about today? What are you doing with July 5th, the day after freedom was declared?

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