Love of the Father

Most people understand and know at some core level that there is a Creator.  The universal call to the hearts of people is that this whole deal is bigger than just you.  The thought of a Creator extends beyond the possibility of loss or trouble and extends past the limitations of our surroundings.  The reality of a Creator is proven by the consistency in the hearts of people from practically every culture and period of time in history.  The limitations for a Creator are Eternal and cannot be overcome therefore that Creator is a safe place to seek purpose without fear of losing what we gain.

The Creator desired the relationships that were available through the creation of people.  The purpose in being here is not to accumulate stuff or to be a good person, but to relate to the Creator who is a Father.  He is a Father to the sons and daughters He created and wants nothing more than for us to enjoy the fullness of relationship with Him.

That role of Father is a key to understanding purpose.  When we view our Creator, God, to be something other than what He actually is, then everything that flows from that wrong belief is wrong to some degree.  When we think He is mad at us, against us, kills us, makes us sick, etc., then the love which we are intended to receive cannot break through the fear and doubt that we foster in the lies we have accepted.

The love of the Father is the kind of love that allows us to choose whether or not we want to love Him.  He didn’t create robots or clones.  We are given a free will and unique dreams, desires and purposes.  It’s always our choice whether we want to be a part of the Father’s house or not.  We’re free to walk away.  The consequences of being outside of the Father’s relationship are that we have to provide, protect and promote ourselves.  The reality is that we can’t take ourselves the places He wants to take us.

If we can’t get the core relationship right, then there is no opportunity for growth from a healthy foundation.  The lies that the enemy has spoken in broken relationships on earth are intended to impact the eternal relationship.  The eternal relationship is the one that will provide the freedom and purpose we all desire. In considering the Father, we filter potential of a relationship with Him through our experiences with our dad.

– from Looking for the Invisible

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