Hope Remains

Is every day an adventure of life that it should be?  Is the journey of your life filled with depth?  Is the daily call to your soul louder and more compelling than the compromise of your fear?

If not, has your destiny has been replaced with a lie?  The choice of compromise can be defeated once it is identified.  Do you want to be done with the defeat of compromise and live the way that you know you were designed to?  Are you ready to birth that which is inside of you wanting to come alive?

No matter what your background is, the emptiness of a life which is outside of its purpose is frustrating.  The choices made from the frustration often lead down a road of destruction.  The destruction consumes the core of a person to the point that they forget who they were.  We feel a constant need to prove that we are who people think we are instead of who we really know we are.

Hope waits with a promise if you are willing to strip down to find the real you.  You don’t have to be chained to the bad choices.  You can walk a life of freedom in which you wake up every day knowing who you are and why you are here.  Hope will not force itself in.  Hope does persist, though.  Once you’ve exhausted the energy to do it your way, hope remains.  The consequences will have piled up by then but hope never gives up and truth never changes.

For every step taken in faith, there is increasing revelation of Truth.  The possibilities for your journey are limitless.  The potential is amazing.  You were created to live with a passion and a purpose that makes life an adventure of satisfaction and reward.

The fact that the pull towards purpose and destiny is such a consistent story among people gives it credibility. The fact is that your destiny called to you as much as the greatest people in history’s destiny called to them only validates your design. The consistency of calling among humanity points us towards a common Creator and legitimate plan that is beyond us but includes us. We matter and we are invited into things that matter.

– from Looking for the Invisible

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