Apples and Oranges

Wendy Davis stood on the floor of the Texas Senate for a bunch of hours non-stop in an attempt to defeat a bill which is seen by her and many as inconvenient for anyone seeking to facilitate or receive an abortion. Hundreds showed up to support her. She, along with her supporters, opposed the bill which would ban abortions after 20 weeks of gestation, require high standard surgical upgrades as well as admitting privileges for the “doctors” that are performing the procedures. Not fair to women, they say.

84,610 abortions in Texas last year. Just last year. Just Texas. What about them? What is fair to those babies who would be alive today but for the laws we have adopted which have legalized their murder?

As a nation, we have seen a moral, social and economic decline in recent years that has impacted practically every segment of our society. Our moral compass is non-existent and the cause and effect of that extinction has permeated every fiber of our culture. The catalyst was Roe v. Wade as we, as a nation, decided that killing the children which were unwanted or inconvenient was a viable solution. Just because women might do it in the back alleys doesn’t mean that we should endorse it, but we did.

The debate, in and of itself, is outrageous and practically not worth entering into. The proponents of allowing the murder of the unborn base their arguments in a totally different mindset and language than the proponents for life. The rhetoric and attempts at logic of the two sides of the debate are apples and oranges.

In most cases, the choices of another human being are theirs to make and a true exercise in love allows them to do what they want, leaving them to deal with the consequences. In this case, deference to abortion proponents would ignore the unspoken voices of the unborn so deference isn’t loving. I applaud restrictions on the murder of the unborn but I also recognize that legislation is not where the battle is won.

Women that experience abortion also experience years of heartache. They are damaged by the choice and the pain they experience in their soul for decades to follow leaves them as the unspoken victim in the lie of convenience. God’s grace and mercy can and will heal their hearts and most certainly cover this choice. The love of Jesus is the only solution for women that have experienced abortion or even support a “right” to abortion. Love wins.

2 thoughts on “Apples and Oranges

  1. Scott,

    Every thing you are saying is correct, I feel that women should have the choice to have a safe
    abortion. No one knows what these women are going through in their lives. We should let her decision be between her and God.

    Everyone wants these girls to have their babies and then put them up for adoption. That is fine and dandy, but look at all of the children in orphanages .Why don’t these people adopt these poor children, they would love to have a home.

    We need to go into schools and have more conversation with these young boys and girls.
    Everything that they see and hear on TV is about sex and violence .

    • I love what you suggest about schools . . . the hearts of young people need to be addressed. As the family has been destroyed, so has the Truth of beauty and value in the hearts of young ladies. They need to know from fathers that they are beautiful and worthy of true love. They don’t need to settle for cheap substitutes which result in the kind of trauma that abortion brings.

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