Following Requires Relationship

There are ideas and concepts we all grow into which inspire us as we walk life out. We pursue development in maturity which causes us to consider different truths and how those various ideas apply to us. The ideas that make through our acceptance become our beliefs. Our beliefs result in our actions which influence our circumstances.

There are many different belief systems to choose from. We can consider various religions, philosophies, science and other information as we develop our beliefs. Typically, we’ll adopt a uniform system of beliefs framed in the context of a system and go deeper in that particular area. This singular focus is more logical than picking and choosing from several different religions, for example, as the net result of a compilation is a self-created system limited and flawed to the degree that it’s creator is limited and flawed.

Christianity is unique in that Jesus, while certainly engaged in teaching, does not call us to learn His stuff. The invitation is not one of mastering His principles or philosophy. We are not called to do the best we can to figure His ideas out and make them our own.

Christianity is a call to Christ. In Matthew 16:24, Jesus invites us in by saying, “follow Me.”

Unlike many religious and belief systems, Jesus is inviting us into a relationship, not a philosophy. We are called to walk with Him and to know Him intimately. We are not invited into study for the sake of study, but only in our development of the relationship. We are invited to walk with Him as the beginning as well as the end result, not a step towards a better grasp of the idea of Him. Actually Him.

Jesus is God and was on earth to show us God. When we know Jesus, we know God. That doesn’t mean we completely understand God, because God is God and we are not. We only fool ourselves when we believe our knowledge of God is airtight or absolute. That kind of certainty is folly in our humanity but also in the context of relationship. Relationships are not scientific, they are fluid. The flow of relationship leaves us experiencing that relationship from our mind as well as our emotions. It’s the nuance that holds the value of relationship.

“Follow Me” is personal and experiential, therefore open to surprises and growth. If your Christian experience is something other than vibrant and dynamic, it might be worth asking yourself (and/or Him) if you stopped following Him somewhere along the way in your pursuit of understanding Him.




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