Equipped, Qualified and Released

Qualification is necessary for destiny. There is no way to accomplish the things that we are designed for and passionate about without the necessary qualifications to facilitate accomplishment. We not only have to be qualified, but we have to realize that we are qualified and operate in such a way that capitalizes on our realization of that reality.

Even with the greatest credentials, without a belief that our credentials validate us as legitimate in a particular endeavor, we will sit on the sideline thinking that others are more equipped than us. We will miss the game and relegate our role to merely observe the perceived superiority in others play out right in front of us. We may be on the winning team, but we will forfeit the satisfaction which comes with a contribution towards the winning effort. We’re meant to be in the game and carry the ball.

This has happened, and is happening, all too often in the church. We have intentionally and unintentionally distinguished between professional Christians and those that are relegated to more of a spectator’s role. Of course, those second class Christians can still hand out programs and pass the offering plate. They just can’t minister in the lives of others when there is a professional available.

Not long ago there was a time towards the end of our church service that resulted in several people coming forward for prayer and ministry. It was clear that the ministers in that situation were people who had been sitting in pews, not speaking from the front. I invited those Holy Spirit identified, appointed, equipped and released ministers to come forward and do what He called them to do. I was “in charge” of the service, but I wasn’t the minister in this instance so I simply moved towards the back of the chapel to allow God to do what He wanted to do through who He wanted to do it through.

The man-made separation between “clergy” and “laity” has to stop. There are gifts and callings for each member of the body and the exercise in those gifts is necessary for the fullness of what God is doing. The idea that God only moves through staff members or seminarians is a ridiculous, religious aberration of what He clearly has intended for His house. Since it isn’t of Him, the origin of its design is easily identifiable as a scheme of the enemy meant to hijack the destiny of the individuals in the body equipped and qualified but relegated to spectators through the lie of religion.

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