Dad Loves Me

“Daddy,” Haynes beckoned.

“Yes, son,” I responded to my five-year old boy.

“I love you,” he offered.

“Haynes, I love you, too,” I responded with a hug.

“Dad loves me,” he said as we broke our hug. “I mean Jesus . . . that Dad,” he clarified.

He’s right. He has a Father through Jesus and the love of the Father is real. The fact that Haynes is able to feel it and call it what it is affirms my place as his father. The two are connected, for sure.

When we receive the love and affirmation of our fathers, the bridge to the Father is intact for us to safely pass over to receive the Eternal Love that only He can offer. When we know the feeling of protection, provision and place that we should have in a healthy family, the identity which we are offered in Jesus is that much easier to receive, believe and walk in.

The visible, tangible connection as it was intended calls us into the invisible, spiritual Truth of the love that awaits us. That kind of love is natural and not foreign when we know it in the natural. We are less intimidated or fearful and step more easily into our intended place as sons of God.

Fatherlessness is a raging epidemic in our society. It is reported that children are born into fatherlessness almost 80% of the time in some segments of our community. That’s eight out of ten. Think about that.

Sons need to know the love of fathers, but more importantly as we take a look at the consequences of the absence of that knowing, they need to be introduced to the Love of the Father. Sons need to return home to the Father not just to enjoy the homecoming, but also to grow up in the protection of a Dad to be released as fathers to sons without fathers looking for Dad.

This is it. This is the front lines of the battle. When we start experiencing victory here, darkness will begin to give way to the Light and the Kingdom will advance as it is intended.

One thought on “Dad Loves Me

  1. Scott… You and Haynes have a wonderful or might I add miraculous relationship (as HE is a miracle for the world) as a Father & Son with “Your FATHER”. Love, Blessings to You & your Family

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