It had been a tough week of planning as we approached Sunday morning as there was a large concert being held on the same grounds as the chapel where our new church meets weekly. The result was uncertainty regarding whether or not the road to the chapel would even be open for travel so that people could get there. On top of that, we had no room for childcare (they would have to be outside and there was a threat of rain) and the man who coordinated worship every week was unable to attend.

We almost cancelled. We thought about it, for sure. We chose to go ahead with what we had.

That morning I had the task of getting worship songs with lyrics synced and transmitted and the computer was giving us trouble. While one of the men who had arrived early was able to fix it (thanks, Steve), I had already prayed for a different worship solution. Unbeknown to me, so had Julie.

About ten minutes prior to our scheduled start, a man and his pregnant wife walked towards the front door. I introduced myself and, for whatever reason, asked, “are you a worship leader?”

After confirmation that he was, I asked, “are you feeling it today . . . you got it in you to lead worship for us?”

“My stuff’s in the car. I’ll get it and get set up,” Jeremy offered.

During worship, which was incredible, I felt led to take a collection for this young couple. We are a young church and have given quite a bit to the community, but not yet in this manner with a specified offering. I invited our congregation to give and they did . . . we passed a hat and the hat was full!

We are young and small but the blessing of being a blessing was established in this church on that morning. We put a stake in the ground and declared that we will give and trust without need for control. All I did was hand the hat (which was the worship leader’s) right back to him.

Come to find out, this small congregation of 30 or so had given enough to cover the fee which this young musician would typically receive. The thing about it is, the fee had been waived for the appearance he was scheduled to make later that day as they had stepped in faith into the invitation to perform, trusting without control.

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