Masculinity from Beauty

Order is healthy. Identity and the gifts that flow from identity are necessary to compliment each other so that each part fits in its place and we are free to operate within the fullness of our part without distraction of tasks outside of our gifts. We have to allow others to express what they have been created to operate within if we want to operate within what we were created for.

This is obvious at the most basic level with how men and women interact in the church. Because women have been relegated to second class citizens in the Body of Christ, the men have had to fill the voids which should have been covered by women. Since, too often and for too long, women can only minister to children and other women, men are left needing to attempt to nurture others with little to no nurturing in them. The result is a castrated male presence.

Because the strong, intelligent female voice of God has not been allowed to flow through women, the female voice of God is attempted (at times) through men who are trying to be things that they were not created to be. The catastrophic impact is that strong men who might be attracted to a True Kingdom calling look around and see this effeminate expression. They run away at the thought of it without ever being able to see that it is an aberration of the Truth.

Some women can lead. Some women can teach. There have been attempts to legalize singular passages of Scripture (e.g. 1 Cor 14:34 and 1 Timothy 2:12). There is no way to accurately interpret those passages as absolute prohibitions against women in ministry when taken in context of the rest of Paul’s message or the place of women in the Bible from Eve to Revelation. Any attempt to read them in a vacuum, formulate a rule and enact a law is outside of the New Covenant and inconsistent with the obvious heart of God as expressed throughout Scripture.

Men’s role is to cover and protect with sacrificial headship. Women are to submit (enjoy the benefits and protection of) to the way made for them by men of God called by God to glorify and put His beauty on display through women. When women are allowed to exercise in their gifts, which will be inherently female and inherently an expression of their Creator, then men can get back to men’s business. When men are walking as men, other men will follow as will their families.

2 thoughts on “Masculinity from Beauty

  1. A sacrifice He did not want. So what is meant when the term sacrifice is used today? Is it something we must “do” or something we just “are” when we move and find our being in the likeness and image of who we are created, flowing with our Creator? Such questions are not intended to stimulate debate or discover traditions of men, but are to allow Him to question our answers and guide us into truth….

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