This is Just Plain Fun

The words that we use to describe our experience are a great reflection of the condition of our heart as we communicate those experiences to others. We can condition, limit, release, exaggerate and do other things to the description for the purpose of gain through credit in the story we are telling. We can take credit where we should receive none or we can give honor where it is due, which is somewhere besides us when we are the ones talking.

I’m not talking about a false humility. False humility is pride. I’m talking a genuine heart of joy grounded in knowing who we are that leaves us free from trying to self-promote or get in the middle of someone else’s glory.

I was working in ministry with a friend of mine recently and God was moving in powerful ways. He was changing people from the inside-out with Supernatural manifestations of that reality. He was using people, including this friend, to pour through to reach others.

In the wake of the outpouring my friend looked at me and said, “this is just plain fun!”

This is from a younger guy, in his 20’s, that has not ministered or experienced God in this way very often previously. This is new territory for him and he’s eating it up. He was simply having fun without the need to own it, explain it, exaggerate it or twist it in any way. God is fun.

We make God out to be distant, angry, confusing, cantankerous, tricky, misleading, manipulative and many other things but how often do we realize that He is fun? That’s just so core.

When we get out of the need to hijack His glory, which we can only do when we realize who we really are, He will dance and play and invite us in. When we give up, He will pour out. It’s not learning more, although learning is good, and it’s not being better. It’s just having fun with a Dad who wants to have fun and allowing Him to glory in the joy of His kids.

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