Available For the Taking

There are a few major differences between telling somebody what you think their answers are as compared to inviting them into the adventure themselves. On Monday, I wrote of a friend seeking answers who I referred to the Counselor. I counseled to a point, but refused to get into the Counselor’s business. He sought the Counselor and found Him, with great benefit.

When we go to the Source, instead of relying on someone else’s regurgitated account of the Truth, the following benefits are ours for the taking:

  1. Maturity – if we are not relegated to knowing the by-product of another person’s experience, then we will be elevated to the front lines. We enter in to find out who we are by experiencing God personally and when we come close to Him, we are changed from the inside-out. I read recently that somewhere between 80-90% of church-goers are passive participants in their expression of faith. Bottom line is you can’t grow up from watching and waiting for the latest most anointed teaching.
  2. Intimacy – God created us to be close to Him and to worship Him individually as well as corporately. If we depend on  Sunday mornings, then our purpose is on hold six days a week. Three’s a crowd. I don’t want somebody standing between me and God telling me about Him. Get outta the way; He’s calling and I am running towards Him.
  3. Revelation – we often settle for information when what we really need is revelation. We settle for the best efforts of man to share what they found instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to testify with our spirit. Information fills our head while revelation fills our heart. From that revelation, we are affirmed in our relationship and our adoption which strengthens our identity. A strong sense of identity empowers us to overcome trouble as well as to achieve our destiny.
  4. Action – knowing who we are from the inside-out because we have an ongoing, intimate relationship which allows for God’s very breath to breathe life into us releases us to step into places, things, risks and relationships that we wouldn’t dream of otherwise. We each have Kingdom purpose. We need Him to direct our steps, listening with our spiritual ears to His sweet invitations meant to call us into all we ever wanted to be. Obedience follows. Scary, but exciting . . . we come alive inside to get beyond our fears.
  5. Satisfaction – even the failures yield depth and fullness when we are walking closely with a God who teaches us Spirit to spirit along the way for the sake of the journey and not just the destination. Life becomes rewarding even in the tough times because our Sunday morning experience and second-class citizenry are replaced with a Kingdom role to play in a daily walk. We gather to celebrate, not to define.

Church is good, and so are pastors. Neither are enough to replace what we were created for and if either have done that then we have created idols. The veil is torn and the Spirit has been poured out on all of His sons and daughters.

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