Royal Benefit

I had a friend contact me the other day in the middle of a situation he was dealing with and worrying about. He wanted some counsel on the best way to walk out of what he perceived to be his problem. His perceived problem was a challenge, no doubt, but his opportunity was tremendous.

He initially focused on his facts as he laid out the landscape of his worry. My response was “what are you believing that isn’t True? What in your experience allowed that lie to become a belief? Ask God.”

God is faithful to reveal the depth of the situation when we seek. When we seek, we find. My friend found the answer to what he was believing which fueled his negative emotions when viewing his factual reality.

I encouraged him and assured him that I was familiar with this particular battle. keep going; the roots to our worry and false beliefs can run deep. My friend asked me what I found to be True during the time that I struggled in a similar manner but I refused to tell him.

Refused to tell him? Why would you do that? This guy is looking for some help and trusted you to help him and you refuse?

Yes, I refused. Yes, that helped him.

If I was his accountant and we were talking about his taxes, this might be different. If I were acting as his lawyer and he needed legal counsel then the response would be different, as well. But he came to me for pastoral counsel to get through a spiritual problem. Hence, my refusal to give him the answers.

Too often, we rely on the knowledge of someone else to try to take what they seemingly know and apply it like a template to our life. The result is that we have taken a shortcut to potential answers at the expense of wisdom, intimate Relationship or any hope to uncover things within us that need to be mined.

Remember Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.”

Kings search to find the concealed matters of eternity and Truth. They seek God through their own individual relationship in the deepest parts of themselves which extend far beyond the counsel or teaching of another. The “other” points, invites and encourages but refuses to conclude the matter for the seeker, knowing that the riches are destined for the one that discovers them.

My friend found some and seeks some. The treasure that he has already uncovered has left him chasing for more and affirmed him in the relationship which will extend far beyond anything he and I ever develop. He’s a king uncovering his glory.

2 thoughts on “Royal Benefit

  1. I like your challenge to your friend, especially this line: “My response was “what are you believing that isn’t True?” That is the pathway to freedom, in my experience. Find out what you believe that isn’t true and replace it with the truth, especially the person of Truth (not just head knowledge). I just did a post on this, relating to a “heart exercise” I use called the Lie Detector. You might like it. It’s here:

    Thanks for posting. I liked this. 🙂
    – Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

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