Kingdom Context

Reasonable questions to examine why we do what we do would include inquiry of where it fits and what it matters? It’s good to take a look at the stuff we spend our energy on and evaluate the eternal impact. Not the feel good impact or check the box for a good deed impact, but the impact that will stand the test of fire. Time is finite and demands our attention towards the eternal.

I’m not talking about questioning our television viewing, vacations or even charity work. I’m talking about our church stuff. Does the stuff we do in and with the church stand the test of eternity? Are lives changed? Is God present? If not, scrap it.

Church, as we most often experience it, is really just a gathering. The Church, defined as the Body of Christ, is a living extension of the plans and purposes of a living God serving as the Head. I don’t think He is into committee meetings.

When we come together for “church,” it is to go back out as salt and light. We don’t do anybody any good to hang out salt with salt and light with light. The value of light is in its ability to penetrate and overcome darkness. The value of salt is to bring the hope of preservation to an eroding culture.

We come in to go out. Church, in the context of the Kingdom, is meant to be living and breathing as interactive agents of Heaven all around us. Monday through Saturday. Breathe in – breathe out.

I don’t want to do the Sunday deal just for the sake of the Sunday deal. All that happens when we get together just to get together is we wait on one of us to offend the other so we can either fix it or find a different place to do Sundays. There has to be focus and context to get past the petty disputes and senseless offense. There has to be advancement of a Kingdom where warriors stand shoulder to shoulder for the least of these and the impact outweighs the effort. There has to be eternity which lasts past  next Sunday.

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